1. Hudson Mason
    Todd Gurley
    Shoeless Nick Chubb


    Notice Chubb’s sock… haha *slaps knee*… sorry

  2. iwriteaboutfeminism:

    Saturday morning, over 1,000 people march for justice for Michael Brown. 

    August 30th.

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  3. flyartproductions:

    The starry night of Sierra Leone

    The Starry Night (1889), Vincent van Gogh / Diamonds From Sierra Leone, Kanye West

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  4. smartgirlsattheparty:

    This one never gets old.

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  5. newyorker:

    “It’s sobering to think that in just a few weeks Derek Jeter won’t be doing any of this anymore, and will be reduced to picturing himself in action, just the way the rest of us do,” Roger Angell writes.

    (Accompanied by next week’s cover, “Derek Jeter Bows Out,” by Mark Ulriksen)

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  6. Read more here from the latimes.

    Anthony Williams hopes for as much. Williams, a 60-year-old Lutheran pastor and journalist who traveled here from Chicago, reached back to a term from Greek antiquity to describe the potential of Ferguson — kairos. The Greeks, Williams explained, had two words to reflect time. There’s chronos, the kind of time that can be measured in minutes or hours. Kairos, however, refers to a more important, transformative time.

    "You have these moments in history where kairos time is speaking to us," said Williams, with a camera around his neck, seeking to document what he hoped would be a nationwide tipping point in how the nation treats African Americans. "Ferguson is this kairos moment."


  7. Before walking on to the field, Norman will peel off a gold crucifix necklace that bounces around his neck when he’s not playing football. Dangling from that necklace is a butterfly-shaped happiness ring.

    He wears it for Olivia.


  8. Powerful.

    "I know, to this day, the element of inadvertent intimidation that colors the most innocuous interactions, particularly with white people. There are protocols for this. I sometimes let slip that I’m a professor or that I’m scarcely even familiar with the rules of football, minor biographical facts that stand in for a broader, unspoken statement of reassurance: there is no danger here. And the result is civil small talk and feeble smiles and a sense of having compromised. Other times, in an elevator or crossing a darkened parking lot, when I am six feet away but the world remains between us, I remain silent and simply let whatever miasma of stereotype or fear might be there fill the void.

    Fuck you,’ I think. ‘If I don’t get to feel safe here, why should you?’”

  9. I got chills when I read this.

    It’s a slick project from ESPN.


  10. "

    All I can tell you today is what I’ve learned, what I have discovered as a person in this world. And that is this: You can’t do it alone. As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life. No one is here today because they did it on their own.

    I learned some rules that I try to apply today:
    Say yes.
    Live in the moment.
    Make sure you play with people who have your back.
    Make big choices early and often.
    Don’t start a scene with two people talking about jumping out of a plane; start the scene having already jumped.
    If you’re scared, look in your partner’s eyes; you will feel better.

    Try to keep your mind open to possibilities and your mouth on matters you don’t know about. Limit your always and your nevers. Continue to share your heart with people, even if it’s been broken.

    — Amy Poehler, 2011 Harvard commencement speech